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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to "The Studio Pico"?

You could either be picked up at Madalena by car. You could hitch hike. You could rent a scooter at Madalena.

  • Where can I rent a scooter?

At the Ferry Terminal in Madalena are 2 places for Scooter Rentals. I recommend Franks's shop. It's a diver and Whale watcher place with grey scooters infront. They cost 30 EUR/day. 80 EUR/3 days and 180 EUR/7 days, including 2 helmets and gas.

  • Where can I go swimming?

The closest swimming spot is at Sao Miguel harbour. It is a 20 minutes walk down from The Studio. The way up takes about 30 minutes.​ Good for your bootie!

  • Where is the next supermarket?

The closest supermarket is located in Sao Mateus. It is a 40 minutes walk into the village of Sao Mateus at the main road. You find everything what is needed there including bread and fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • How do I use the toilets?

Please don't throw toilet paper into the toilet as it will get stuck on the way, would stuck the tank and that means a real mess for our circular eco-system​ we have here with the "poo and the pee".

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